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Overweight or an obese condition in a human body can be described as having an out of proportion and accumulation of excess fat. Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the best measures to check your body fat based on your actual height and weight. The good thing is that it can be applied to both men and women having age between 18 to 65 years. Though many online BMI calculators are available but here is how you can calculate your BMI manually as well:-

English BMI Formula BMI = (Weight in Pounds / (Height in inches x Height in inches ) ) x 703

Metric BMI Formula BMI = (Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Meters x Height in Meters ) )

Please remember BMI does not have final say on your weight condition. Always get an opinion from your doctor. Generally following opinions may be derived from the scores of BM:-I
(a)          Healthy:                    BMI score 20 to 25
(b)          Underweight:           BMI Score Less than 20
(c)          Over weight:             BMI Score 25 to 30
(d)          Obesity:                    BMI Score 30 to 40
(e)          Morbid obesity:       BMI Score above 40

It is now an established fact that overweight or an obese condition brings init many health problems. People belonging to all walks of life are more or less aware of this fact and consciously try as well to get rid of their undesirable weight. Many serious health problems such as heart problems can be caused due to overweight condition People having an undesired BMI (indicative of overweight or obesity) must try to control the situation and here comes the term “weight Loss”. According to       

In this article we would only restrict our self to voluntary or intentional weight  loss. The idea behind every weight loss effort is to improve fitness and health more specifically we can say that weight loss is an effort to improve BMI by reducing total body mass. The basic theory behind every weight loss is to consume more energy than intake. Ideally the ratio between energy input and output must be less the 1 (also called as Negative Thermodynamics Flux)

Now the question is when one should go for intentional weight loss. The answer is simple when you are overweight and wants to achieve a desirable body shape. But before any step that you take you must consult your physician even if you see your BMI score on overweight side. There are many ways such as diet plans and methods that can be employed to achieve a desired weight loss. However be careful that some diet plans are potentially unhealthy and can cause health risks so always adopt those plans which are not only recommended by the specialists but proven and tested as well. One of the key in choosing a good diet plan is to see whether it includes physical exertion along with less restriction on healthy foods. Remember diet plan with no efforts are generally harmful.

Excess body fat burning is one of the methods to achieve a weight loss. In other words fat burning refers to increasing your metabolism through thermogensis. When you do workout or jogging you in fact increase the metabolism. The more metabolism the more you can lose fat. When you are inquest of weight loss and go for some diet plans and also use metabolism boosters in your diet as well you achieve a speedy weightless. Here the question arises is weight loss achieved through this process has permanency or not?  The answer is how you chose such an aid. The market is filled with products related to fat burners and every one claims that he got the best deal. Well it’s up to you but I would suggest going for batter ranking products. T5 fat burners are one of the weight loss aids and being manufactured by many companies. You must go to those sites and read their claims and consult the unbiased reviews about them. If you find that the T5 fat burners that they are presenting to reduce weight just by doing noting immediately disregard them as they could pose side effects. There are many types of T5 fat burners such as T5 Super Fat burners, T5 Black fat burners and Super Black 3 etc which works when you are doing exercises and taking a good diet. The only thing additional they do is increase your weight loss rate by boosting your metabolism.

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